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Thank you to the following individuals who generously donated to our Coronavirus Emergency Grant Fund. We also appreciate the donations from our corporate partners, Wicked Weed Brewing and Walnut Cove Realty. Together, we are making a real difference!

Jack and Kathy Affeldt

Matt and Joyce Aguiar

Jim and Cathy Alland

Anonymous - In honor of the following individuals who handmade masks for the Walnut Cove community and others - Sherry Bales, Glenda Daly, Cathy Jooste, Sierra Paturalski, Liz Saylor, Jane Seaman, Jean York

Dave and Donna Bailey

Bruce and Sherry Bales

Denis and Nina Beaulieu

Ron and Ruth Billings

Brad and Mary Carmichael

Peter and Marlene Champagne

Jim and Connie Cieslak

Doug and Rosann Cioce

Orville and Carolyn Coward

Blaise deFranceaux and Sandi Poole

Bill Dorfman and Lynn Kochanek

Dan and Vickie Dunleavy

Dan and Dianeice Eldridge

Warren and Sandra Emerson

Jeff and Kim Faistenhammer

Cary and Koni Findlay

John and Carole Ann Forsyth

Phil and Jayne Frederickson

Richard and Vicky Goodrum

Tom and Elizabeth Gursky

Rick and Denise Guthy

Mike and Clare Haislip

Peter and Sandi Heckman

Susan Heinemann

Reg and Mandy Heinitsh

Lee and Carole Hodges

Bob and Ann Irelan

Don and Frederica Irwin

Stephen Johnson and Deanne Yartz

Doug and Jodi Korey

Arnold Kozak and Alexis Ressler

Randall and Wanda Ledford

Dudley and Becky Lehman

Bob and Julie Levine

Fred and Donna Livingston

Olga Lucia

Regina Mahy

Michael Maloof and Michelle Dickman

Jim and Sunny Mathews

Bob Maxwell and Shelia Elingburg

John and Jane Maxwell

Bob and Cathy May

Robert and Debbie Moreyra

Joe and Saundra Neri

Bob and Tammy Nicholson

Bill and Nancy Norton

Robert and Sue Olsen

Woody and Barbara Orris

Lloyd and Kathy Otterman

Tom and Sierra Paturalski

Bill and Elizabeth Phoenix

Craig and Kay Pierson

Larry and Rickie Reinhardt

Tricia and Marty Rhodes

Irv and Vivien Saron

David and Sue Schoenholz

Ken and Jane Seaman

Don and Valerie Singer

Wally and Robin Sipos

Bill Solmson and Karen Spacek

Kent and Michele Stahl

Mark and Louise Stejbach

Clem Stone

Jennifer Stotka

Mike and Melba Tracy

Bob and Kara Turner

Walnut Cove Realty

Dennis Welch and Beth Fisher

Wicked Weed Brewing

Phil and Janet Williams

Jean York

Sergio and Becky Zyman