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Governance FAQs
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1. Who is on the WCMA Board of Directors?

There are 7 WCMA Members on the Board of Directors. The intent is to maintain gender balance. Each member is elected to a 2-year term.  Board Members are selected from WCMA Members that have been a Member for the last 2 years and are active on a Committee or in other ways.

The two officers, Chairman and Secretary, are elected each year from the current Board members. They each serve one year terms. Per the Bylaws, the Past President of the WCMA has a seat on the board for one year, although he/she may serve an additional year if the current President serves a second term and is not yet able to come onto the Board as Past President. The current President attends all Board meetings but does not have a vote. The Past Chair is also a non-voting member of the Board for one year.

2. What is the role of the WCMA Board of Directors?

The Board sets policy for the organization, approves the budget, elects all officers of both the Board and the organization, and approves the grant requests recommended by the Grants Committee.

3. Who attends the Board meetings?

In attendance are all Board members, the current President, and others upon invitation of the Chair. In order to assure accurate communication to members, the Communications Chair attends all meetings but does not have a vote. Other committee chairs often attend Board meetings when they have a report to give. 

4. How many Board meetings are held per year?

The Bylaws mandate at least one meeting per year. Traditionally, at least 4 meetings are held each year.

5. Who are the Officers of the WCMA and what is the Executive Committee?

The officers of the WCMA are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee consists of the officers and the chairs of the standing committees.

6. What is the role of the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee executes the policies of the Board and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. The officers and committee chairs report to the President who reports to the Board.

7. How often does the Executive Committee meet?

Meetings are held at the discretion of the President.

8. Do we have term limits for elected positions?

The Chairman of the Board can serve three consecutive one-year terms. Board members can serve two consecutive two-year terms. The Secretary can serve five consecutive one-year terms. The President can serve two consecutive one-year terms.

9. What are the current WCMA committees?

There are currently seven committees: Communications, Membership, Grants, Events, Technoloyg, Volunteerism, and Weekend of Giving.  The latter has several sub-committees.

10. How are Board Members selected?

Board Members are selected from individuals that have been a Member of WCMA for at least two years and active on one of the committees for at least one year.