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Grant Process Details
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1. The WCMA member applies for a grant. Each year the WCMA invites members to apply for a grant on behalf of a charitable organization. While there are activities the WCMA does not fund, such as individual scholarships and capital projects, there are a broad range of programs the WCMA does fund. One of the main criteria for funding is that the WCMA member must be actively involved with the organization and it must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves Western North Carolina. The application process is structured to make it easy for both WCMA members and organizations to apply. The member fills out one form and the organization fills out a separate form. These forms, along with the funding guidelines, can be found on our website.


2. The Grant Committee reviews the applications based on specific criteria. Once the applications are received, the WCMA Grant Committee, headed by the Grant Chair, meets to review the applications and recommend grant amounts. If a grant application meets all the guidelines, they will generally receive a grant. Specific grant amounts are based on a number of criteria including: amount requested, number of individuals impacted, program and organization budget, WCMA member involvement, and the program itself. Grant amounts are also based on the amount of money we have available to award as generally, the total amount requested is much greater than what is available.


The grant committee is comprised of active WCMA members, many of whom have been involved with grant making organizations and have worked with nonprofits in the past. The 2020 WCMA Grant Committee is comprised of Valerie Singer (chair), Bill Dockendorf, Rick Guthy, Clare Haislip, Susan Heinemann, Sandi Heckman, Sunny Mathews, Brian O'Lear, Rudy Nessel and Sierra Paturalski.


3. Committee recommendations are submitted to the Board. Once the grant recommendations are made by the committee, they are then presented to the WCMA Board for approval. This involves a thorough review of the grants, including looking at historical funding and gaining an understanding of any organizations that are new to WCMA funding. The Board then votes to approve the grant awards.


4. Sponsors and organizations are notified. Once the grants are approved, the Chair lets the WCMA sponsors know the grant amount. Generally, the sponsor then informs the organization of the award and will deliver the check. A complete list of organizations funded is made available on the website and in emails.


5. Organizations submit a report confirming how the funds were used. As a final part of the process, grantees must submit a letter approximately nine months later detailing how the funds were used and the actual numbers impacted.


Click here for the 2020 Member Sponsor Grant Application.


Click here for the 2020 Organization's Grant Application.